About Arigatou International

Arigatou International is a non-profit organization which works to bring people from all walks of life together to build a better world for children. Arigatou International is “All for Children,” and draws on universal principles of common good to offer compelling new ways for people of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds to come together to address children’s issues. Arigatou International develops and sustains unique multi-stakeholder initiatives designed to ensure that all children are treated with dignity, all children’s rights are respected, and all children have the opportunity to freely pursue their full human potential. Involving diverse partners, these initiatives emphasize both grassroots action and international advocacy.

Meet the Arigatou Initiatives:

The Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC)

The Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC) is a global-scale interfaith network of organizations and individuals specifically dedicated to securing the rights and well-being of children everywhere. GNRC members come together to work for and with children across the globe, implementing a wide variety of interfaith cooperation projects with each contributing their unique experience with children's issues as well as passion for the well-being of children, together building a worldwide platform for addressing the urgent challenges children face today.

Ethics Education for Children

Ethics Education for Children brings together people from different religions, cultural backgrounds and regions, as well as organizations working with children and young people in the field of education to foster cooperation to the profound issues that affect children and youth today. Ethics education that promotes intercultural and interreligious dialogue, understanding and respect can empower children and youth to play a major role in creating a world of greater justice, peace and dignity.

End Child Poverty

End Child Poverty is a multi-faith, child centered, global initiative of Arigatou International that mobilises faith-inspired resources to end child poverty. We believe in a world where every child lives free of poverty and aim to achieve this by addressing the spiritual root causes of poverty and by challenging the structural root causes of poverty. In our child-centered work and service we seek to integrate positive religious values; we promote faith-inspired initiatives; and we cooperate with like-minded organisations to work together for a world free of child poverty.

Prayer and Action for Children

Prayer and Action for Children was launched in 2008 by Arigatou International to bring together diverse faith leaders and religious communities and organizations working for children to take action to prevent all forms of violence against children and strengthen child protection. Prayer and Action seeks to engage all sectors of society to accelerate and advance global efforts to end violence against children. It also provides opportunities for interfaith dialogue and cooperation for children.